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Smartphone launching a holiday-themed AR experience

JAN 24, 2023

When and How to Use Augmented Reality in Print

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when augmented reality (AR) was a novelty. The technology was underdeveloped, marketers and designers didn’t understand how to effectively deploy it and customers didn’t know how to engage with it. It’s...

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The Case for Print Textbooks as a More Effective Way of Learning Blog

DEC 14, 2022

The Case for Print Textbooks as a More Effective Way of Learning

Take a peek inside an average American classroom in 2022 and you’re likely to see students using tablets or other e-reading devices as opposed to traditional print textbooks. In fact, the Washington, D.C. Public School District spent about $14...

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From Pencil to Mouse by Kerry Grady

NOV 16, 2022

From Pencil to Mouse: One Designer’s Journey from Print to Digital

We recently had the honor of speaking with award-winning Chicago designer Kerry Grady about his new book From Pencil to Mouse: Forty Years of Graphic Design. Filled with examples of his own work from the last four decades, the stunningly printed...

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OCT 7, 2022

Breaking Down This Year’s USPS Postage Increase and How It Could Impact You

A temporary USPS® postage increase took effect this month to help cover the handling costs of the large number of parcels in the pipeline during the holiday season. While this increase is similar in some respects to those in recent years, the size...

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AUG 24, 2022

How to Promote Print Projects with Instagram Reels in 2022

Social media in 2022 is all about video content. From the astonishingly fast rise of TikTok to Instagram’s pivot to prioritizing Reels (its answer to TikTok’s algorithmically served videos), social media platforms are making it easier to edit and...

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