Computer with paper coming out of it

JUL 19, 2023

Is Paperless Billing Actually the Best Thing for Your Customers?

As companies across a variety of industries continue to encourage paperless billing as a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective way to invoice customers and offer regular account summaries or overviews, today’s consumers are signaling that...

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Forestry with Trail

JUN 22, 2023

5 Benefits of Using Recycled Paper in Commercial Printing

Ask anyone in the design or print industry about using recycled paper and you’ll likely get some variation on this answer: Printing on recycled paper is good for the environment. And while this is most certainly true, the conversation rarely...

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JUN 2, 2023

Augmented Reality 101 for Designers

We love seeing the ingenious ways designers find to bring their print campaigns to life. Bridging the tactile, impossible-to-deny reality of a beautifully done print piece with the digital realm — truly integrating it with digital channels — has...

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Accent sustainability graphic

MAY 23, 2023

SFI, FSC, PEFC: How to Choose Sustainably Made Paper

The continued growth of sustainability initiatives across industries is pushing designers and printers to prioritize paper that is produced via sustainable harvesting and manufacturing practices, including responsible forest management and forest...

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Man flipping through printer paper

APR 26, 2023

What is the Difference Between Uncoated Paper and Digital Treated Paper?

You’ve likely heard the terms uncoated paper and digital treated paper before. They’re both pretty ubiquitous in the paper world, but even with how frequently they appear, there’s still a lack of clarity on the differences between the two — and the...

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