Digital Dish: July 2020

By: Karin King

Aug 3, 2020

Each dish will feature a new nugget to chew on and fuel your digital cravings. This month, Jason Barbero, Senior Marketing Specialist with Canon Solutions America, returns as host. In today's print market, things seem to be changing at a rapid pace, and many people in this great industry are looking at 2020 and wondering what's next? Canon understands the need to adapt to changing market requirements with technology that evolves with your print business. With this in mind, Canon has recently introduced its newest web-fed inkjet press - the ProStream 1800. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting news from Jason and Canon Solutions America.


In Canon's previous digital dish spotlightwe introduced the Unified Partner Program, which allows CSA to work with paper mill partners to ensure a wide variety of media works seamlessly in CSA equipment through extensive testing processes which include physical testing, finishing compatibility, runnability testing, color analysis, as well as on-site testing and customer support. With over 1000+ papers available worldwide, Canon is committed to working with partners like International Paper to help print providers increase their opportunities to build business and earn revenue. As part of the Unified Partner Program, not only do Canon Solutions America and International Paper work together to test the full line of IP papers, we also collaborate and develop creative sales collateral that is run on Canon inkjet presses to demonstrate the quality and value one can expect from the combination of IP paper and Canon equipment. For example, the award-winning children's book, Apollo the Spacedog, was developed by International Paper and printed on treated Accent® Opaque with ImageLok® inkjet paper on Canon's ColorStream 6000 Series inkjet press.



Just a few short months ago, Canon launched its newest sheet-fed inkjet press - the iX-series - and now, it's a privilege to introduce another new press in the CSA portfolio. The Canon ProStream 1800 is a powerful web-fed production solution and the second and latest model offered in the ProStream 1000 series. With increased print speeds of up to 436 ft/min (compared to the ProStream 1000 at 262 ft/min), it's the ideal solution for commercial and direct mail printers who want to maintain superior print quality at high speed and achieve ultimate performance on an assortment of medias ranging from 40-300 gsm. Whether your next job requires an uncoated or inkjet-treated media like International Paper offers, or an offset coated gloss, silk or matte media, the ProStream 1800 can deliver best-in-class performance on premium and highly personalized direct mail and graphic arts applications, such as books, catalogs and magazines.



Let your performance match your passion for print with the ProStream 1800. The ProStream 1800 uses native 1,200 dpi piezo drop-on-demand print heads to produce the sharpest details and superior quality at every speed. Like its predecessor models, this press lays a proprietary polymer pigment ink, Canon's ColorGrip conditioning fluid, to ensure reliably consistent color. Its optional Inline Quality Control (IQC), a high-performance camera system, provides automated print quality assurance and allows operators to reduce time spent on image quality control. Designed for the most demanding production environments, the ProStream 1800 strikes a unique balance between high productivity, superior print quality, and flexibility and media versatility, allowing you to migrate higher volume jobs from offset to digital inkjet. With over 1,700 web-fed inkjet presses sold globally, the ProStream 1800 benefits from Canon's veteran experience and knowledge of high-volume commercial printing.



Thank you again to Jason and Canon Solutions America for contributing to this month's Digital Dish. Stay tuned for more information from CSA throughout the second half of 2020 as they continue bringing new and exciting opportunities for the inkjet print market. For a complete list of International Paper's digital inkjet product line, visit our website.