Highlights: Telling the Accent Story with the Award-Winning Accent TV

By: Karin King

Apr 15, 2019

If you attended Adobe MAX 2018, Adobe’s annual “Creativity Conference,” you likely encountered a certain retro-looking paper-craft television set called the Accent TV. It was designed to bring the history of the Accent A to life, and now it’s officially an award winner.

The Summit International Awards recognized the Accent TV with a Summit Emerging Media Innovator Award. Shortly after that, the TV won a Platinum AVA Digital Award.


Digital Dish: March 2019

By: Rick Williams

Apr 1, 2019

1. Review Your Business

Before moving into digital, it's important to look at your business portfolio and assess which projects could transition to this type of printing. Digital printing is a cost-effective way to print smaller quantities and variable data, so identify projects that require short runs and personalization. It can also be profitable for reprint projects, as these tend to be smaller orders and shorter runs compared to the original piece. Upon final analysis, ensure you have a sound sales and marketing plan in place before making the transition to digital in order to make this a profitable department in your print shop.


Digital Dish: February 19

By: Rick Williams

Feb 28, 2019

Each dish will feature a new nugget to chew on and fuel your digital cravings. This month's edition focuses on ink usage during High Speed Inkjet Printing and provides steps to take to reduce this amount by printing on a treated sheet versus a non-treated sheet.



Highlights: The Making of the International Paper Stock Source Guide

By: Leslie Kilzer

Oct 29, 2018

The Stock Source Guide is exactly what it sounds like: a comprehensive guide to the ever-growing product offerings from six of the most dependable and versatile paper brands in the business. For printers, this guide is an invaluable resource and is often consulted daily.