Highlights: Telling the Accent Story with the Award-Winning Accent TV

By: Karin King

Apr 15, 2019

If you attended Adobe MAX 2018, Adobe’s annual “Creativity Conference,” you likely encountered a certain retro-looking paper-craft television set called the Accent TV. It was designed to bring the history of the Accent A to life, and now it’s officially an award winner.

The Summit International Awards recognized the Accent TV with a Summit Emerging Media Innovator Award. Shortly after that, the TV won a Platinum AVA Digital Award.

Watch the Accent TV

Each Accent TV comes equipped with three augmented reality “channels,” which can be switched out by changing the paper card that’s inserted into a slot in the top of the TV. To play each channel, all you need to do is view it through the AR browser in the Sylvamo+ app.

Each channel tells a unique part of the Accent A story, and each has its own style. Explore the videos below to experience the story for yourself.   


The International Paper Evening News

Anchorman Harold Miller reports on the history of the International Paper logo, made iconic in the 1960s by famed mid-century designer Lester Beall. The latest news? The new Accent A pays homage to the angles and curves of Beall’s clever design — but takes on a modern life of its own.



Accent On: The Space Game

The fresh look and feel of Accent is a brand new adventure, and this playful eighties-throwback commercial shows just how far it can take those who are willing to play the game.



Accent Opaque: Today and Tomorrow

Accent's personality takes front and center: energetic, inspired and passionate about paper. 



Curious about how augmented reality can turn a flat sheet of paper into a working television? Watch the Accent TV in action and request your own. 

Augmented Reality Accent TV


Insider's tip: Flip over any channel card and scan the back of it with your Sylvamo+ app to reveal a hidden message!