Digital Dish: February 2021

By: Karin King

Feb 26, 2021

Every Digital Dish features stories, tips, or tricks from digital experts. This month, we've got a feel-good story from Chuck Werninger of Houston Independent School District. Learn how a dedicated group of high school students with a passion for art on paper produced an inkjet publication.




In early 2020, four sophomore students from Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas decided to relaunch the school's long-dormant literary and arts magazine, the Maple Street Journal. The students recruited submissions from their classmates, curated the art and writing they received, did the entire layout, and promoted and sold the magazine via social media. As IT Senior Manager of Administrative Services at Houston ISD, Chuck Werninger and his team were able to advise these enterprising editors on paper choice, but the students' vision led the way. "All we did was print it for them," says Chuck. 


The in-plant print shop at Houston ISD printed the Maple Street Journal in full color in one pass on a Canon VarioPrint i300. Then, each book was bound inline on a C. P. Bourg saddle stitcher using two staples and square bind saddle stitches. "The Accent® Opaque on the cover was pliable enough that it wrapped around and made it look like a perfect bound book," says Chuck, "but it's actually a saddle stitch with a square spine."


Chuck knew that finding the perfect paper for this project would be key. "It’s a cool book. It’s got poetry, it’s got creative writing, it’s all original works of art, there’s photography — it’s edgy." For this reason, he suggested the editors go with an uncoated stock, which would provide a more tactile experience for readers. "The kind of thing you would pick up at a pizza joint." The editors agreed. For the cover, they chose 80 lb. Accent® Opaque, while the inside pages were printed on Pixelle® Book. 


The students creating the Maple Street Journal found the perfect Accent Opaque cover weight for their art and literary magazine. Find the cover stock best for your project at!


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