Digital Dish: November 2018

By: Rick Williams

Nov 30, 2018

Each month, International Paper's Digital Expert writes a Digital Dish newsletter to fuel your digital cravings. This edition provides tips to discover the best ink type and high-speed inkjet press for your business.

1. Evaluate Current Business

There are two types of inks compatible with inkjet presses in the market today- dye-based and pigment-based. Identify the type of business in your current portfolio to determine which inks will provide the best results. Dye-based inks are a good choice for transactional business that is primarily black and white with some spot color. Pigment inks are ideal for direct mail and marketing collateral that require vibrant colors and print clarity.


2. Consider Future Business

Since consumers today are bombarded with a myriad of digital advertising and online marketing, PSPs have the opportunity to show the value and power of print in generating returns for their customers. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that direct mail has a 4.4% response rate, compared to email's average response rate of 0.12%. Thus, consider if your business strategy should evolve to include more direct mail and print marketing, which perform best with pigment inks.


3. Analyze the Cost

The cost differential between pigment and dye inks is narrowing. Traditionally, pigment inks are more expensive, but over time as you build your direct mail and image-heavy print business, pigment inks may enable you to reduce your overall ink usage compared to dye inks, thus saving you money long term.


New Inkjet Papers Resource

International Paper's specially formulated digital inkjet papers are available with ImageLok®, ColorPRO, or Dyemond™ Technology and designed for both pigment and dye-based presses. And the new digital inkjet swatchbook provides side-by-side print comparisons of treated inkjet paper and standard digital paper, so you can see how these two ink types perform across seven different roll and sheet-fed presses. Reserve your copy today!


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