Digital Dish: November 2019

By: Rick Williams

Nov 30, 2019

Each dish features a new nugget to chew on and fuel your digital cravings. This month's edition features the all-new 21st Edition Pocket Pal®, the authoritative introduction to the graphic arts. This handy book is used across print markets and universities, and this latest edition contains loads of updated information that you'll want to get your hands on!



If the Pocket Pal sounds familiar to you, that's because this book has been in production since 1934. Over the last 85 years, it has been re-written and edited 21 times by various authors and illustrators, yet it has always kept its signature pocket-sized format for ease of carrying around to consult at a moment's notice. International Paper's Pocket Pal has been the go-to print reference guide for students, artists, designers, printers, publishers, advertisers, print buyers and virtually anyone in visual communications, containing ample context for today's graphic communications practices with a balance of historical background, technology and application.



The longevity of the Pocket Pal is due in part to its continued evolution in response to industry changes. The previous edition was printed in 2007, and a lot has changed since then, particularly in the Digital Printing market. With the advent and growth of high-speed digital inkjet presses over the last decade, International Paper, with the help of the latest editor, Frank Romano, decided to update this beloved book with new sections on digital inkjet printing, variable data printing, security printing technologies and more!



With the additions in content around digital printing, we deemed it necessary to print the new edition on a digital inkjet press to demonstrate the rise in quality and performance you can achieve when printing books on these devices. While past editions were printed on offset presses in order to achieve desired color results, the newest 21st Edition was fully printed on the high-speed ProStream 1000 digital inkjet press thanks to the support of our OEM partner, Canon Solutions America. International Paper collaborated with Canon® to print the text pages of the book using 60lb Accent Smooth and the cover using 80lb Accent Smooth. Printing the latest edition digitally resulted in quality easily comparable to, or at times better than, previous editions with sharp, clear text and colorful images that pop.



This iconic 21st Edition Pocket Pal was a labor of love from all its many contributors, succeeding in demonstrating the power of print in today's digital, device-driven world. And now you can order your very own copy! You'll be thankful you did. Finally, on behalf of International Paper, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy this time with family and friends.