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How to Promote Print Projects with Instagram Reels in 2022

Social media in 2022 is all about video content. From the astonishingly fast rise of TikTok to Instagram’s pivot to prioritizing Reels (its answer to TikTok’s algorithmically served videos), social media platforms are making it easier to edit and post videos — and doing a good job of distributing the videos that users create.

Instagram, which has had a visual focus from the start, was already the preferred social platform for designers. This is because Instagram has always made it easy to share images of a project and has long promoted discovery via its Explore page. But recently, designers who were used to sharing only images on Instagram may have seen a dip in engagement as the platform shifts its focus to Reels. 

The good news? Leveraging Reels to share your print projects is easy, and it’s by far the best way to increase your reach on Instagram in 2022. While regular posts and Instagram Stories are dropped into the feeds of only your followers (unless they get picked up for the Explore page), Reels are shared via the algorithm with any user on the platform. And with more than 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram, this means your projects could be seen by exponentially more people.

If you create print projects that you want to share with the world, here are four tips for promoting them using Instagram Reels.

Find your unique Reels style

The Reels landscape is still wide open. Approaches vary from fun and casual to polished and professional. Short video clips recorded on a phone are just as acceptable as highly edited videos captured using high-end equipment. Use videos of yourself, or don’t! Put your voice on camera, or don’t! The main rule of Reels at this stage is that anything goes.

Browse trending audios for inspiration

Scroll through Reels for a moment and you’ll see a little upward-trending arrow next to some audios. That arrow means the audio is trending; click the audio title and you’ll be able to view how many Reels have used it (they’ll all be grouped here, just as if they’d used the same hashtag), save it to use later, or use it right away. Hopping on a trending audio bandwagon is a great way to get even more eyes on your Reel. 

Try a before and after

Before and after Reels are perfect for creative projects because it gives you a chance to show the raw materials you started with — say, a blank piece of paper and your tools of choice — and what you did with them. And with a little bit of editing and some funky music, you can make your creations appear like magic

Go behind the scenes

You can also use Reels to give followers insight into your process — to show not only what you made but how, why, and where you made it. How-to videos do well, especially if you have a unique skill or expertise to share. These types of posts can also be a fun way to share more about yourself and create a personal connection with followers.


Have you begun using Instagram Reels to share your print projects? Be sure to tag #AccentOpaque if your Reel features a project made with Accent!