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Highlights: Art on Paper 2019

This year’s Art on Paper took over Manhattan's Pier 36 in March with 85 galleries featuring modern and contemporary paper-based art. The event, put on by Art Market Productions, was full of artists who are truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with paper. We came away with plenty of inspiration and excitement, and although it’s difficult to name favorites because there was so much amazing art, these are the pieces that are still on our minds.

Anita Groener, Prolonged by a Hundred Shadows, 2019

painted twigs, paper and twine

Anita Groener close upAnita Groener


Jeongmin Suh, Lines of Travel-69, 2016

Korean tradition paper (Hanji)

Jeongmin Suh close up Jeongmin Suh


Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Height 3, 2019

Ink, gouache and hand-cut Manhattan phonebook pages

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey fullViviane Rombaldi Seppey


Lizz Aston, Watermelon Tourmaline, 2018

Hand-cut, painted and dyed Japanese Kozo paper

Lizz Aston


Ewan Eason, Mappa Mundi New York

UV treated ink on 24-karat mirrored gold leaf

Ewan EasonEwan Eason close up


Marc Quinn, Unique Prismatic Labyrinth, 2018

Hand-painted digital prints with oil paint

Marc Quinn art


Samuelle Green, manifestation 4

Paper, wire and glue

Samuelle GreenSamuelle Green from overhead


See all the galleries that exhibited at Art on Paper 2019, along with the artists they presented, and let us know if you were there — we’d love to hear which works most inspired you!