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MAR 4, 2020

In Praise of Paper and Pencil: Unplugging and Getting Creative

Have you heard about Google’s Paper Phone? An experiment launched as part of the company’s Digital Wellbeing initiative, the Paper Phone consists of an app that lets you select the most crucial bits of information you’ll need for your day and print...

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OCT 17, 2019

Accent On: Creative Director Ernie Cefalu

Ernie Cefalu made a name for himself designing album covers. As co-founder of the agency Pacific Eye & Ear, he created over 200 album covers for rock bands during the 1970s and 80s. He is one of the designers behind The Rolling Stones’ lips and...

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kyle beckett feat photo

JUL 18, 2019

Accent On: Illustrator Kyle Beckett

Sylvamo recently teamed up with illustrator Kyle Beckett to create the original children’s book Apollo the Spacedog. This adventure story introduces young readers to Apollo, a shelter dog who longs to find a home, and Andi, a 7-year-old girl who’s...

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Max featured headshot

MAY 29, 2019

Accent On: Printmaker and Illustrator Max Mahn

Max Mahn is a printmaker and illustrator working between Montana and Wyoming under the pseudonym Twin Home. He’s passionate about the art of the gig poster, and he spoke with us about how he got his start and what’s inspiring him today.

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Kelly Bjork featured

MAY 2, 2019

Accent On: Artist and Illustrator Kelly Bjork

Kelly Bjork is an artist and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington who works mainly in gouache, a type of paint like watercolor made of natural pigment, water, and a binding agent like gum arabic or dextrin that is used to make the paint opaque....

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